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Everyone is stressed: how to actually deal with it!

Updated: Jan 20

What does stress have to do with your symptoms? Everything!

"Stress is the body’s inability to make energy for the mind to respond to its environment." - Mark Hyman

The four main types of stress are metabolic stress, physical trauma, psychological stress and environmental stress. Excess stress in one category and affect the others as the body attempts to compensate.

Examples of modern day stressors include:

- Lack of sleep

- Mold and toxins

- Standard American Diet (SAD)

- environmental chemicals

- prescription medications (many deplete magnesium)

- immune challenges

- non-native electromagnetic frequency (EMF) (calcium channels dependent on magnesium ions)

- feeling out of control/hopeless/helpless

Stress causes mineral dysregulation. Mineral dysregulation leads to oxidative stress, causing inflammation and symptoms! When our mind and bodies perceive we are in danger, they produce stress hormones that burn through our nutrients and minerals faster than when we are in a relaxed state. The role of magnesium, for example, is to keep us in a balanced state. When we have a loss of magnesium, everything seems worse than it is - we overreact.

Stress, therefore, is the root of all "disease". We know that the concept of disease is only a social construction. There are no diseases - only inflammation and dysregulation. However, focusing on diet and supplements will help but you have to address life stressors before the Root Causes Protocol can kick in an do what it is designed to do - which is to make more energy, recycle iron and deal with pathogens.

Our modern day lifestyles contain near constant subtle stressors that add up to make a constant onslaught of relentless chronic pressure and strain on our physiology and mental health. I take pride in helping clients identify and address their (often hidden) stressors.

Solutions may include:

- Emotional Freedom Technique (with recommended practitioners!)

- Specific meditations and mindfulness practices

- Alignment exercises

- Lifestyle changes

- Identifying hidden environmental stressors

Watch Morley Robbin's one hour stress connection webinar here for more information.

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