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Hidden roadblocks to health you might not know about...

Updated: Feb 16, 2023

1. Eliminate exposure to toxic metals

This should be prioritized early. Consider removing amalgam (silver) fillings only by a dentist specially trained and certified in safe removal. If you have multiple amalgams, consider spacing out removal one at a time slowly over months or years to ensure the body is not overburdened with toxic metal. Sources for qualified dentists include:

Seafood may be a source of toxic metals and radiation. Anchovies and sardines are safer options than larger pelagic species. Do not eat non-organic meat, eggs and dairy. Pesticides may harm the microbiome, deplete minerals and damage the immune system. This can may lead to poor metal detoxification.

Throw away toxic cookware! Do not use non-stick pans. Teflon non-stick is very toxic with polychlorofluorocarbons and other chemicals. These get released into the food. Use clear glass pans in the oven and swap stovetop pots for 316 titanium steel like Saladmaster. You can find affordable Saladmaster options on e-bay. Don't use aluminum foil or aluminum based cookware.

Follow Lead Safe Mama on her website and on Facebook for excellent and helpful information about metal contamination in everyday items.

2. Drink pure filtered water

Drink pure filtered, remineralized water. Do not drink bottled water. One scientific study showed that 33 different brands of commonly sold bottled water were tested for 12 known carcinogens. ALL of these 33 brands of bottled water had all 12 of these specific carcinogens in them. This does not include the many other toxins in our treated tap water, such as lead, arsenic, mercury, fluoride, chlorine and many pharmaceutical drugs improperly disposed up in toilets. Many water tests have identified the drugs, Prozac and other antidepressants, valium, antibiotics, Viagra and many others. Please get an ideal water filter for your drinking and cooking water (and for your pets).

The water systems I recommend are:

  • Pure Water distiller

  • Clearly Filtered pitcher (affordable option)

  • Pristine hydro reverse osmosis system

Be sure to add minerals back into your water after filtration! I recommend Aussie Trace Minerals available on Amazon or online.

Filtering shower water is also important. You can purchase a whole house filtration system or a shower filter. If you have a whole house filtration system, I still recommend one of the above systems to further filter drinking water to remove fluoride. There are many options on the market and I'm happy to help clients choose the best option.

3. Eliminate toxic beauty and body care products

Use non-toxic personal care products. The skin absorbs everything we put on it which directly impacts the brain, thyroid and endocrine system. The liver does not get a chance to filter toxins applied directly to skin. Chemical perfumes, for example, are known carcinogens causing hormone imbalances, immune system dysfunction, infertility, allergies, depression, insomnia and other symptoms. Use aluminum free deodorant. Search for your products on the Environmental Working Group's Skin Deep data base to make sure your products are safe. You can also easily make your own make up with simple ingredients - check out some ideas here.

Similarly, avoid scented candles and deodorizing sprays or scented plug ins. The chemicals in them contain known carcinogens. These have been known to kill infants (Sudden Infant Death

Syndrome), pet birds and other animals, cause asthma, allergies, anxiety, brain damage and

nervous system problems.

4. Check your living and work spaces for toxic mold

Unfortunately, mold growth is common in our buildings today due to undetected water leaks. Mold produces mycotoxins which can wreak havoc on our health. If you suspect mold might be affecting you, the first steps are to test your environment and complete a visual contrast screening. From there, you may need to hire a mold expert to evaluate your home, do additional testing to see how and what mycotoxins are affecting you. Typically, one of the most important things someone can do is to remove themselves from the moldy environment. I can walk clients through these steps and help direct you to the best resources for solving these issues.

Similarly, not getting a fresh air is often overlooked. Our highly insulated homes don't leave much space for air exchange. I recommend cracking your windows, even in the summer and winter and adjusting your thermostats if needed to offset the temperature change. Fresh oxygen and sunlight coming into your home is worth it!

5. Liver congestion and parasites

Some level of cholestasis (congestion) in the liver is extremely common in today's world. Due to the level of stress, environmental toxins and disconnection with nature our detoxification organs are working overtime. Add onto this the drastic drop of nutrients in our food due to modern day agricultural practices, our bodies don't have the minerals and vitamins it needs to properly detoxify. As congestion and toxins build, so does inflammation and immune system dysfunction, creating an environment ripe for opportunistic infections such as parasites, lyme disease and co-infections, < i r us es and more! It's important to support our detox pathways as much as possible, avoid toxins, engage in regular parasite cleansing and liver flushes. For an easy self guided program, please check out the kits by Microbe Formulas or find a bioresonance practitioner near you. Dr. Simon Yu, expert in chronic environmental illnesses suggests in his book, The Accidental Cure, that people with chronic health issues do a liver flush such as that described by Andreas Moritz, every other week for a year or more until symptoms are relieved, then tapering off to monthly and finally quarterly for maintenance. Coffee enemas will also help the liver produce glutathione for detoxification and bile flow.

Addressing this key component can be life changing and miraculous for many people. It may sound daunting at first but as you slowly incorporate these into regular daily habits they will become second nature and can propel your healing forward drastically.

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