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nnEMF is blocking your healing

Updated: Sep 25, 2023

Unfortunately, life isn't always as simple and disconnected as the image above. These days, we are bombarded by non-native electromagnetic frequencies (nnEMF/EMF). What is EMF, you ask? EMF commonly refers to the non native frequencies we are exposed to from modern daily living. Sources include cell phones, cell towers, wifi, bluetooth, electrical outlets, appliances, car batteries and more. Types of harmful EMF include electric, magnetic, certain radio frequencies and dirty electricity.

Researchers in Turkey summarized the devastating inflammatory impacts of EMF in this report, citing over 160 studies on oxidative stress alone.

In order to reduce exposure to EMF, I strongly recommend taking the actions below. This will help reduce cellular stress, mineral dysregulation and mast cell activation. EMF is also known to disrupt the microbiome and impact gut health and may disrupt the blood brain barrier. Taking this issue seriously will help improve your sleep, reduce anxiety and stress on the body and help you heal faster. For a deeper dive, check out this overview by Dr. Jack Kruse.

Here are several steps you can take to reduce your exposure. There are meant as an overall high level picture. I work with my clients through this process. Take each step one by one to avoid overwhelm.

  1. Purchase meters to assess your surroundings for all of the types of harmful EMFs. (I am happy to teach clients how to use these tools.)

2. Reduce radio frequency (wifi and cell phone):

  • Hardwire the internet in your house and get rid of wifi.

  • Reduce radiation exposure from your phone using these simple steps - (caveat that I do not recommend the phone EMF cases, they don't reduce radiation very much and give a false sense of security).

    • Keep your cell phone off or in airplane mode (beware some phones still emit bluetooth and other signals in airplane mode, the RF meter linked above can help you troubleshoot this). Hardwire your phone to ethernet.

    • Note: many cell phone shielding devices do not work as advertised. However, the Pom Shield is one product that does dramatically decrease your exposure! Check out this review.

  • Consider and EMF harmonizer such as BluShield, Somavedic or Brimhall Total Shield EMF Protection. (Sensitive people go slow/use caution with these!)

  • Block magnetic fields from your car engine (especially with electric cars) using this customizable shielding film from LessEMF.

3. Reduce radio, electric and magnetic fields in your house:

  • Turn off the electricity to your bedroom at night via the circuit breaker; in-wall wiring and wall outlets emit extremely low frequency fields which can a cause cellular stress response. You can use a fan on an extension cord if needed, though this will raise electric exposure somewhat.

  • Purchase a sleep canopy such as Swiss Shield's Naturelle or this DIY option by Shielded Healing made with organic cotton, or the more affordable Dr. Mercola tent.

  • Purchase dirty electricity filters (whole house or individual filters). I use Satic. There are other great brands out there.

  • Ensure a proper ground on your house; ground water pipes, water heater and gas lines. (You'll need to consult an electrician).

4. Check Antenna Search to make sure you don't have a cell tower (or multiple) within a few hundred feet of your home (or ideally, 2+ miles).

Check out these recommendations by the Environmental Working Group for a helpful place to start:

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