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Lab tests for consult

Updated: Mar 13, 2023

There are several tests I recommend for our consult. These are not pre-requisites for a consultation but can be a very useful part of the process.

  1. Order a hair tissue mineral analysis (HTMA) for your consult to assess your mineral status (See below for more information).

    1. To order, message me through the 'Contact Us' form on the home page with your mailing address or schedule a free initial consult under the 'Book Online' tab - the cost is $105.

  2. Order the Full Monty blood panel through request a test or work with your healthcare professional to order some or all of these tests. RCP ideal lab values can be viewed here.

  3. Check here for lab FAQs

  4. Further labs may be ordered/recommended after an initial consult to help identify potential road blocks such as heavy metal toxicity or mold exposure, such as ERMI by Mycometrics, MycoTOX, OAT or GPL-TOX by Great Plains Laboratories.

What is an HTMA?

An HTMA is a noninvasive medical test that provides comprehensive information about key nutrient mineral levels and ratios, metabolic status, and toxicity. The report can be used to correct the interrelationships of essential minerals, improve cellular function and help identify the level of stress an individual is facing.

By balancing minerals, we can improve cellular function and energy production. When cells are working properly, health and symptoms improve.

HTMA provides an overview, sort of like a health profile. The data provides me with a range of information used to better understand and address someone's condition, even when there are confusing or complex issues.

Traditional HTMA practitioners attempt to micromanage specific nutrients in an attempt to find balance. When just one nutrient, or several specific nutrients, are taken in moderate to high doses without understanding the driving forces behind mineral imbalances, others can fall out of balance too - resulting in an endless whack-a-mole approach. In contrast, RCP consultants are trained to address nutritional needs through a more holistic, nature based approach using specific foods and mineral combinations. We use whole foods, in balanced ratios, to remineralize the body while simultaneously addressing stressors that may be increasing mineral burn rates, leading to metabolic chaos and electrolyte imbalance.

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