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Water is foundational

Updated: Apr 17, 2023

Unfortunately, our tap water can be downright toxic. For something so vital to life and healing your body, it is important to get pure water. Run your zip code through this database by Environmental Working Group to see what's in your tap water. Notably, in the Great Lakes region, we tend to have higher than optimal levels of chromium 6 (erin brokovich) due to steel mill discharge in to the lakes.

Not all filtration options are equal. Here's what I recommend -


Simply put, distilled water is water that has been boiled, then the clean condensation is collected and condensed into pure drinking water while contaminants are left behind. Distillation removes 99.9% of contaminants like viruses, bacteria, chlorine, microplastics, arsenic and nitrates to name just a few.

10-stage reverse osmosis. This filtration is a great option but may not remove as much as water distillation. It does have the benefit of water structuring and remineralization.

Pure effects has under counter and above counter options. Removes fluoride, heavy metals, radiation and more and may leave behind beneficial minerals.

Removes fluoride and many contaminants. *Note you must replace the filters often


This is one recommendation that I haven not personally tried but it gets good reviews. This will ensure bath and shower water is purified. If you use this system, you should filter your drinking water and cooking water to remove contaminants that may leach from the plumbing system after the whole house filter. If you have copper pipes, you'll want to use caution and perhaps test through Tap Score annually to make sure copper is not being leached as the empty water runs through the pipes.

This advanced system removes chemicals, radiation, heavy metals and more. You will need to similarly use caution and filter your drinking water for contaminants that may have leached in from the plumbing system post filtration.

Always add minerals back into your drinking water post filtration. It's important to also structure your water. Setting it in the sun may help with this. I've heard good reports from this device called Analemma. Check out Better Health Guy for a few more ideas.

Do NOT drink bottled water. Not only will you be ingesting microplastics that will harm your health, you also do not know what you're getting! Many companies are out of compliance with labeling laws and many have known contaminants. The only exception would be Gerolsteiner (highly recommend!) or Mountain Valley Spring Water in glass bottled (only if you are in a pinch, the mineral ratio is not ideal).

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