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Smidge® Evening Magnesium is a gentle, calming supplement made with a premium form of magnesium called glycinate complex.


All-natural and easily absorbed, Evening Magnesium helps you relax, sleep and wake up the next morning feeling refreshed — not groggy and foggy-headed, like with commercial sleep aids.*


And unlike other magnesium supplements for sleep, our formula is super clean and made in small batches. This means no common allergens and additives that might interfere with a restful slumber and digestion. Plus, it doesn’t include magnesium citrate, which may cause gastric upset, or magnesium oxide by itself, which is difficult to absorb.


One capsule will begin to wind down your day, in addition to helping fulfill your body’s essential need for magnesium. It also may help reduce feelings of mild stress and restlessness — and soothe sleep-disturbing leg cramps.*

Smidge® Evening Magnesium

  • Magnesium is one of the most natural ways to help with a good night’s rest.* So we created an all-natural sleep supplement with magnesium glycinate complex that everyone can love, even people with sensitivities. This way, Evening Magnesium supports deeply satisfying sleep, without unpleasant side digestive effects.

    Magnesium glycinate complex also may help relax muscles and reduce mild leg cramps, support elimination and digestion, support blood sugar regulation and ease mild inflammation, support heart health and cell function and ease mild PMS.*

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