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About me

I'm Mandy - a nutrition and mineral consultant with 12 years experience in researching chronic illness and the founder of Mineral Mandy Healing. My passion is restoring chronic health conditions, especially hypersensitivity issues, by looking at the mind and body to achieve mineral balance.

I am a certified Root Cause Protocol Consultant and I have a master's degree in environmental policy and am trained to read and interpret science and data for practical applications. I am dedicated  to using my training to find evidence based healing modalities while also helping people listen to their body's needs. 

Key to my approach is a mineral and nutrient dense ancestral diet and lifestyle, avoiding and addressing environmental toxins and emotional healing. 

I have been labeled as having MCAS, histamine intolerance, CFS, adrenal fatigue, Lyme disease, IBS, hormone imbalances, anxiety and panic attacks. I am excited to offer my services as a compassionate guide to help you heal.

Book a free introduction call with me below or click here to learn more. 

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