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Introducing our powerful and convenient Beef Liver capsules, non-defatted and freeze-dried. So you can soak up all of the vitamin A, protein and benefits of fresh-cooked liver without the distinct taste and texture.


It is, after all, one of nature's most potent, nutrient-dense traditional foods!*


Commercially made beef liver supplements are “desiccated,” which means they’re dehydrated with heat that can break down nutrients. Instead, we freeze-dry Smidge® Beef Liver capsules in small batches, a process that retains the majority of the precious vitamins and minerals you’re seeking.

Smidge® Beef Liver

  • The lush liver filters toxins and stores vitamins and minerals. It's rich in protein and packed with essential vitamins and minerals.* But for a beef liver supplement to be beneficial, it must come from happy, healthy cows.

    Smidge® Beef Liver is in its purest form; grass-fed, full fat and as close to nature as possible. The cows that help make this supplement graze only on vibrant green grass that sprouts from fertile soil in New Zealand.

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