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Smidge® Morning Magnesium is a balanced formula that includes three naturally-derived forms of the essential mineral magnesium — with no fillers, additives or common allergens.

It helps enrich your body with the magnesium it needs, while providing that boost of energy you crave from coffee. But without the jitters!


Sometimes, taking too much of one kind of magnesium causes digestive side effects. So we combined three high-quality, gentle types of magnesium — malate, orotate and taurinate — in equal amounts and small batches. Importantly, we left out magnesium citrate, which is in many commercial magnesium supplements and can irritate sensitive systems.


Then, we added a smidge of the mineral boron, which helps your body absorb all that magnesium goodness — and supports strong bones.*



Smidge® Morning Magnesium

  • We formulated Smidge® Morning Magnesium to provide you with a refreshing, gentle, mag-infused energy boost, all while going easy on digestion.

    It works in the body by: facilitating the production of the energy-producing molecule adenosine triphosphate (ATP), supporting brain function and mood, cardiovascular health and circulation; and contributing to the proper function of muscles and nerves (relaxing them, too). It also helps maintain optimal digestion.*

    Don’t forget the boron, which supports bone health and helps absorb all of that beautiful magnesium.*

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