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Stress and nervous system regulation

Updated: Feb 16, 2023

Stress hormones will burn through the body's minerals quickly and can leave you depleted over time. It will be difficult to get well if we don't address stress and regulate our nervous systems. Here are a few ideas to explore.

  1. Increase your awareness

By increasing awareness of our mind and body, we will be better able to identify and address stressors. Some options for this include taking a course in mindfulness based stress reduction, cognitive behavioral therapy, practicing meditation, somatic experiencing, shadow journaling and yogic practices. Establish a consistent, daily practice.

2. Address life stressors

Recognize life stressors for what they are and adjust your self care accordingly. Losing loved ones, major life changes, setbacks, pregnancy, child care can all take a toll on your body and increase your mineral burn rate. Often overlooked stressors are moving house, feeling unfulfilled or out of place, relationships, commutes, work stress, night shift. It may take time, but finding ways to find peace amongst these stressors, setting strong boundaries and eliminating as many stressful circumstances from your life as possible will be helpful in healing.

3. Address trauma and anxiety

One potent way to address trauma and anxiety and other unwanted emotions is the emotional freedom technique with a practitioner. Using a practitioner is imperative for truly moving stuck emotion that can be trapped in the body. Emotion is energy in motion and it must be moved and processed so we can heal, otherwise it gets stuck in the tissue and organs and disrupts our biochemistry.

4. Severe nervous system dysregulation may require more help

There are many options to help regulate the nervous system when the basics aren't enough. Stephen Porges' Safe and Sound Protocol, BrainTap, Ketamine infusions, phosphatidylcholine infusions are all option to discuss with your medical provider.

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