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Is your tap water toxic?

I highly recommend checking out the Environmental Working Group's Tap Water Database to see how clean your tap water is. In the image above, you can see just several of the 23 contaminants above ideal standards that show up in my tap water near Cleveland, Ohio. Sadly, around the Great Lakes, our water tends to have high levels of hexavalent chromium due to the steel mill discharges into the lake. There is a lawsuit against US Steel for exceeding their discharge limitations on numerous occasions.

Toxins in our treated tap water may include such as lead, arsenic, mercury, fluoride, chlorine and many pharmaceutical drugs improperly disposed up in toilets. Many water tests have identified the drugs, Prozac and other antidepressants, valium, antibiotics, Viagra and many others. Please get an ideal water filter for your drinking and cooking water (and for your pets). The water systems I recommend are:

  • Pure Water distiller

  • Clearly Filtered pitcher (affordable option)

  • Pristine hydro reverse osmosis system

Be sure to add minerals back into your water after filtration! I recommend Aussie Trace Minerals available on Amazon or online.

Do not drink bottled water. One scientific study showed that 33 different brands of commonly sold bottled water were tested for 12 known carcinogens. ALL of these 33 brands of bottled water had all 12 of these specific carcinogens in them. See EWG's resources for more information on bottled water.

Filtering shower water is also important. You can purchase a whole house filtration system or a shower filter. If you have a whole house filtration system, I still recommend one of the above systems to further filter drinking water to remove fluoride. There are many options on the market and I'm happy to help clients choose the best option.

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